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Turning Points in Crypto Currency Mining

The US economy has slowly and steadily improved from its lowest points in 2008-2010 until 2012-2014 when things had improved to the point where optimism was once again taking hold in the country. Stability and growth were becoming evidenced in the financial markets, and then 2017 brought what I like to call “John and Jane Smith waking up”, causing cryptocurrency to “go viral”.

There was a tremendous rush to buy cryptocurrency and the boom was staggering in its swiftness and magnitude. This was alarming to observe, and as many who had a significant position in crypto thought, although an increase is great, what is more desirable is sustainable growth. What was happening was not sustainable and, in fact, it broke down very quickly.

Many who were new to this environment jumped back out as hastily as they had jumped in, and that brings us to our present state. Cryptocurrency is notorious for wide swings both up and down, and when this happens the next upward swing is generally four or five times higher than the last one. Looking at this as a very good buying opportunity can turn perception around and set the course for the next positive upswing. In this setting, it is vitally important to align yourself with projects that have longevity, and the best option is to be joined with a network that is insightful, consistent and calm.

That is where Syntropy cryptocurrency mining is at its strongest. We are at the dawn of a new beginning, similar to standing at a scenic overlook just before sunrise. There is a little bit of light and you see dimly the outline below. Gradually at first, but then more quickly, the sun bursts over the horizon with all its magnificence and brilliance. The scenic view just comes to life with color and form and you see clearly the landscape below. That is our vantage point on the many projects we have to offer. The opportunity is now and being a part of supporting these projects will transform our humanity, transform our economy, and transform our world in many positive ways.

One of the exciting projects we are involved in right now is EOS. It is a development framework or operating system of the blockchain. Many with the technical knowledge and foresight said, "This is a big concept, a big idea, and we think it can be accomplished". And it was! EOS launched its first main release and it works. The value has increased enormously, and it is on its way to more and more success.

We're also emphatically supporting Bitcoin Green in our mining focus. This project could transform the cryptocurrency is mined going forward, as well as contribute abundantly to saving the planet at the same time. The amount of power consumed by Bitcoin Green is .004% of what Bitcoin uses. This extremely small power usage is combined with finer, more advanced technology, allowing transactions such as micro payments, private send, etc. It is extremely fast and efficient, and this is the direction in which the clear majority of crypto will be moving toward in the near future.

Cryptocurrency and the crypto mining industry is still in its infancy and the potential is great for not only the value it can bring, but also the changes it can bring to our financial systems in general. Being part of a young industry that is so fully aligned with those initiatives seeking to benefit all aspects of our life here on the planet is a positive action we can all take.

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