Redundancy for Stability

by David DeMayo

The first step toward full utilization of robotics for building the nodes of the Syntropy Cloud Mining network was to upgrade the infrastructure to allow a long sequence of automated steps to take effect. First, the robot must take command to initiate or launch the machine; then, install the operating system; then, sequence all the dependencies and all the steps that follow for a node to being constructed. Keep in mind, as this is being done, every step is really two steps because we are building everything in what is called redundancy. Redundancy, used here, is a term for making multiple copies and multiple layers of all the steps as they are being completed. There could not be a better word for it. In fact, the word redundancy applies perfectly as defined in a dictionary: It means repetition, back-up, super-abundance, oversupply. That is exactly what we want in a balanced and established infrastructure. If a single server or a node goes down, there is a fail-safe and a load-balancing specialty that flips the transaction to another node that is an exact replica. This adds to the continuity of the network and always keeps it ‘live’. Mining only continues when the network is ‘live’ and this redundancy assures the stability and functionality of the network.

Interwoven with redundancy in the mining network is uncompromising accuracy. There is no such thing as ‘close enough’ in cryptocurrency mining. You can’t be off by a single character. Chargebacks or refunds do not exist in this world. A mistake made is never coming back. The use of robotics is the catalyst that moves us to accelerate the completion of more and more nodes, but the final authentication and approval has a human embrace. The last 5% of the final infrastructure and framework is methodically and skillfully scrutinized for every detail to be in order. For a functional and flawless network, this is the way it has to de done.

Here is an example to bring this into perfect clarity: Syntropy Cloud Mining has an automated pay-out system; it is all part of the infrastructure and framework. Precision is built into this system in order to keep vendors, suppliers, the sales team and the affiliate network all paid accurately and on time. This is integrated within our website. It is the most secure framework possible and is extraordinarily flexible. We have a sophisticated affiliate payout system consisting of 7 levels of compensation. This is only possible through an advanced and multifaceted network with built-in checks and balances on every level. From the first phase of order-generation to commission confirmation to verifying their override, to payout and then finally, email acknowledgement, all is masterfully built into the infrastructure to ensure the stability and capability of the network.