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PROTOTYPING: Time-Sensitive, Lightning Fast Engineering

Building a high quality, complex software application requires an immense amount of planning. It starts with a software requirement specification, an engineering document similar to an architectural plan that provides a detailed road map of exactly all the different components, modules, and views.

To further create the database you must outline all the different fields and how they relate to each other. This is typically done in advance, taking a great deal of time and painstaking analysis to complete.

However, to accomplish what is needed for a more energy efficient and more secure cryptocurrency mining network, Syntropy Cloud Mining is constructing nodes or machines literally in a day or two.

What might typically take four months to six months and a team of four computer engineers, we are doing in days. Time is simply luxury that we do not have.

That brings up the topic - prototyping. The word prototype derives from the Greek with these various meanings: original, primitive, neutral, first and impression.

A prototype is a raw sample, a model or early release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as something to be simulated or learned from.

It is a term used software programming to describe a new design used specifically to enhance the precision of a system by analysts and users. Prototyping serves to provide specifications for a real, working system rather than a theoretical one.

In some workflow displays, creating a prototype, sometimes also called materialization, is the step between the formalization and the evaluation of an idea.

Syntropy Cloud Mining has taken this idea to heart and made it into an art. By way of creative and agile prototyping or to use another well-known slang term for it - down and dirty coding, we have sped up the production of nodes and machines that are both energy efficient, highly functional and ultra secure.

Choosing to share this with the public reconfirms to all who will read or listen our commitment to complete transparency.

Openly sharing not only our triumphs and accomplishments, but also our trials and tribulations is all part of being in this community that is wholly pledged to accuracy, directness and absolute transparency in everything.

What you see will always be exactly what you get as we continue this amazing venture.