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Proof of Stake Mining

Using innovative technology that decreases the necessity of consuming a huge amount of energy, Syntropy Cloud Mining uses Proof of Stake mining, as a viable and practical alternative for cryptocurrency mining.

The amount of energy necessary and consumed by Proof of Work mining is self-limiting. We build each machine one by one, and one machine is one node. Each node has its own IP address, its own processor, its own RAM and its own hard drive.

This individual node becomes a very valuable service provider to the network. As it processes and delivers transactions; it also creates another layer of decentralization, making the network more dispersed and in addition, adds a new measure of security.

The coins are “staked” in large numbers (from 1000 to 10,000) on a machine or node and this is added to the network of other machines or nodes. As an example, let these nodes represent a train station. There are many train stations interwoven into a mapping system that makes up the railroad system as a whole.

These stations service traffic traveling along a given route. In traversing from point to point, goods and services travel through many stations along the way. This network of stations provide a valuable service, and in exchange for being a station or a node on our system, you are rewarded with new coins that are mined by the system.

This payment is made to you for providing the service of delivering coins, processing transactions and adding to the overall security of the system. You are compensated for being a part of the larger community, if you will. As time goes on and more nodes are added and more coins are mined, the system gets more and more decentralized, more and more distributed and more and more secure. This all adds to the benefits of the community as a whole.

For Syntropy Cloud Mining the vision of seeing millions of nodes, eventually being widespread to every country in the world is beginning now. Our expanding new technology is rapidly creating an ever growing and interwoven network that is multiplying to the benefit of all.

We are linking the network together for the freedom it provides us and for the security and protection that increases from this connection.
Our technology will advance because we are seeking to combine our resources and collaborate with one another rather than compete and consume.