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Our Data Center

by David DeMayo

As a complementary, supportive layer to our dynamic and innovative development team, our Canada-based data center team is a hardworking and energized group of IT professionals, passionate about everything they do. Taking great pride in the unequalled network we are building, they are up to any task, just rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done. It’s truly amazing how fast and efficient they are, and all they are accomplishing in a short period of time. These are leading engineers, the top of the top and they are very serious about every specification and every design detail that goes into the functioning of the network.

To further complement a great team, the supportive environment of Canada’s government has provided an ideal atmosphere for cryptocurrency mining. Through legislation that encourages miners to locate operations here, the favorable conditions in Canada are many. Inexpensive hydro power and an abundance of space to build make the location optimal. Our location in Winnipeg is 100% hydro powered making it efficient, consistent, economical and green! Winnipeg is cold - and cryptocurrency mining operations generate a lot of heat, this match creates a genuine harmony between business and the environment. Both benefit and no harm is done.

Still, remaining flexible and movable are essentials to a business that requires being ‘live’ at all times. Replica systems are in place and can be relocated or duplicated in a very short amount of time to any site as required to keep consistency and continuity in our operations and functioning.

The momentum of the cryptocurrency movement is the most exciting thing happening to humanity right now. Syntropy Cloud Mining is staying right here in the middle of it all. From a commercial, monetary, industrial and philosophic standpoint, we are giving birth to a whole new economy and that was never going to be easy. There is no effortless transition when such enormous change is occurring. This is a step by step process, and to remain methodical and persistent and not giving up when naysayers surround you is the challenge! There will be turning points and setbacks, but our industry will move forward based on its mission of sustainability and its commitment to common trust, accountability and responsibility in all our business affairs.