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How Crypto-Currency Cloud Mining Works

Syntropy Cloud Mining was developed for the person who does not have the ability to purchase and maintain expensive Mining equipment but still wishes to mine Cryptocurrency.

All contracts last for a period of 3 years and are structured into Master Blocks mining a specific coin.  Syntropy selects coins that use Proof of Stake mining.  Each coin must meet a list of requirements before we stake them.

You can see a list of these requirements in another area.

All coins require that a minimum number be staked within what are called Nodes.  This number can range from 1,000 to 5,000 coins and more.  Each Node when launched will produce new coins on a daily basis.

Syntropy places these Nodes within a Masterblock and locks them up for the duration of the contract.

When launched, each Masterblock is locked for the first 90 days to allow coins to accumulate. As the Nodes produce enough Coins within a Masterblock to buy another Node, a new Node is acquired and added to the MasterBlock. Thus, through the power of compounding the number of coins multiply exponentialy. *see below    After the accumulation period each miner will be given the following selections each month.

Withdraw their coins earned. (They will be exchanged for Bitcoin and remitted to their wallet).
Rebuy into a new Masterblock accumulating either the same coin or another, this continuing the compounding process.

All contracts are sold in Blocks. The minimum purchase is 5 Blocks or .05 BTC.

1 Block = .01 Bitcoin (BTC)
100 Blocks = 1 Bitcoin (BTC
10,000 Blocks = 10 Bitcoin (BTC)

All Blocks represent a percentage of the value of a Masterblock at launch. As an example:

Masterblock at launch = 10 Bitcoin Value
Purchase 100 Blocks = 10%

At the completion of the contract (3 Years) all Coins locked in the Nodes will be distributed to the Miners according to the participation percentage.

In order to maintain the integrity of the program and cover all expenses Syntropy shares 50% of the growth of coins. Therefore prior to building a new Node coins must grow to meet twice the number of coins staked to be sure the Miners receive a full Node.  This assures that machines are built, salaries, fees and all other expenses are covered.