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Discussing Exciting New Crypto Technologies with Block Logic

It is no secret that Block 2 has seen a significant decline in price since its launch. While this can be very discouraging we are reminded that our model encompasses a long-term strategy. Recently there have been some major developments occurring among those in the BLTG community which lifts our spirits and confidence in the success of this coin.

The original developers of the coin have relinquished their ownership to the community and a new team, comprised of an experienced development team made up of long-term holders and experienced developers and business-people, who have a clear vision as to what it will take for this coin to succeed.

We are also excited to announce that I am now a member of that team as a committee member!! As a team member I am committed to putting the full force of our team, my 25+ years experience as a developer and Syntropy Cloud Mining's platform behind the success of the coin and project wherever we can be of service to the team. I met with the team yesterday and very excited to share with you the developments and new direction.

To date the team has accomplished much and set a clear vision for the future.

Here is a short list of some of the things being rolled out.

First, the name will retain the existing BLTG symbol, but the name will be changed to Block Logic Technology Group to reflect the applications and visions of the new dev team. The name was also changed to stop confusion between our project and others.

Second, the PIVX code base will be adopted bringing many new technologies to the project,including smart contracts - and yes, a swap is being planned for the end of August, so stay tuned! The new BLTG Test Net went operational on July 8 when the genesis block of both the Test Net and Main Net were created. Further testing and improvements are underway!

Third, the number one priority of this DEV team however is to bring utility to the project that will increase the value of coin.

Three products will be introduced and developed shortly after the coin swap,

  1. Block Pay,
  2. Block Purchase, and
  3. Block Play.

Each of these are products that can be used by ANY industry interested in adopting crypto technology for their organization. These products will lead to the first partnerships and real world use.

The technology will be layered on top of some pretty heavy duty technology, specifically (IPFS):

This is huge because everything based on block chain technology of real value will eventually move to this technology for a true peer-to-peer and distributed file system. This positions Block Logic perfectly in real-world usage applications.

Forth, with the new coin brings the opportunity to change the coin specifications, including changing the Masternode collateral and reward structure - the new structure will greatly benefit us as investors. Initially, the daily reward will go down briefly during the swap but after the swap it will jump up and stay up for quite a while allowing us to accumulate a large number of coins while the value of the coin is resurrected.

Fourth, a new website is being created. Domain names have been secured.

Finally, This Tuesday we will be doing a one hour Webinar to discuss the procedures for the payout and will have Lee the committed leader from the Block Logic Technology Group as our guest to fill us in on all of the developments and to help to help answer any questions you may have.

David's 25+ years of development experience and strong development team behind him will provide Block Logic with a very valuable resource. As a advisor to their team David will be assisting to take the project to the next level

We have to be careful, Block Logic is not rolling anything out with Syntropy... they are rolling out their technology but we are just mining them, like anyone else can do

Eventually, we may deploy their technology behind our coin or platform.... at that time we will be announcing a join technology rollout etc.