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Crypto and Blockchain Transparency

As the founder of a cryptocurrency cloud mining company, I am cautiously aware of security and the levels of transparency for information flow. Our codebase is completely open to anybody to review, edit or upgrade, and is regularly reviewed by our community.

The networks we work on are freely accessible, and every transaction made can be seen clearly on the blockchain which is shared by everybody on the network.

It is utterly amazing that we can actually have this level of transparency which was impossible before, with respect to transactions and interactions in a public space. The current financial networks are, for the most part, operating in seclusion and secrecy, which creates an obscure and ambiguous view of what is actually happening behind the scenes.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain overcomes this obstacle by being 100% transparent in every way that you’d want it to be - it’s amazing. ~ David De Mayo

However, the network is still highly encrypted, extremely secure, and far more stable because it’s widely distributed within existing data networks.

Money today is digital. If these words were spoken or typed just a short time ago, the response may have been… huh? Now, all existing financial networks have effectively made the transition to digital transactions; these transactions are both instantaneous and direct.

What remains, however, is the level of concealment and non-disclosure of these institutions. This is of little consequence if the stewards and managers within act with conviction and dependability. But doesn’t the simplicity and convenience of the digital exchange of currency warrant a new transparency as well?

The benefit of more clarity is more accuracy, and the added stability of cryptocurrency and blockchain is so appealing in this way. At the very backbone of the Syntropy Cloud Mining Network is the assurance that all your transactions can be clearly seen and therefore, unambiguous.

We, at Syntropy Cloud Mining, have made the choice for a lasting change. This change is to a cryptocurrency system that is transparent, decentralized, shared and comprehensively distributed - all of which contributes to a strong sense of community and truly allows for more stability and harmony.

Cryptocurrency networks and blockchain technology provide protection of our crucial personal data, it secures our transactions and provides us with a network that is accessible, reliable and strong, regardless natural, unnatural or extraordinary circumstances.

At Syntropy Cloud Mining, we pride ourselves in being transparent, which means that we aim to provide information that is understandable, with nothing hidden from our customers and the market - in true blockchain fashion.

Learn more about our mining platform here. http://syntropycloudmining.com/cloud-mining.html