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Building Nodes with Robots

Building crypto nodes, all 277 steps in fact, is not only time consuming but more importantly, it has to be done in a precise, methodical order and correctly because it runs on an open source public network.

All crypto nodes are on this grid and because it’s public it can be a target for attack by ‘bots trying to break in. If your server is compromised and access to your command line is reached, your coins would be a risk.

It can be a significant amount of money with most common ‘proof of stake’ mining nodes. Valuable nodes are $30,000. to $40,000. dollars each. Some are as low as $100. but the average value is $8,000. to $10,000 and above. As an example, Dash presently costs $400,000 for the construction of a single node.

The painstaking security necessary, the rigorous firewall configuration and the quantity of different components must all be designed in the right way or you could lose all your money. It's counterproductive to do this fast or do it in incorrectly.

Analyzing the steps involved in building the nodes was integral to figuring out how to automate as much of the process as possible. The code that essentially automates building a node is now is place and working.

The ‘build time’ has be cut down to 20 minutes, and primarily that involves in moving money, waiting for confirmations to clear and starting the engine.

This does not include building the machines, of course. Those are built in mass and require a completely separate calculation of time. But the main point here is that with the timing down to less than 20 minutes per node, our mission is to build a robot that will take over the assembly of these nodes on their own, specifically based on our criteria.

This necessity of rapid production is why it is better for a cloud mining company to do it versus an individual. A deep look into some of the components of the machinery that we have built by hand further reveals the reasons that it is more cost effective than purchasing pre-built machines.

To give some clear perspective on the speed, capabilities and power of the machines we build, a laptop or a desktop computer today will have a dual or a quad processor, ours have 24 processors.

Building from the ground up and then analyzing and automating the process for robotics to do the work allows us to include all that we have learned and all the nuances of not only how to have the speed and quality we need, but also how to bring costs down.

A machine like this would cost in the range of $8,000. Our costs in components and parts is in the range of $1,100 and factoring in the build time puts the final cost in the range of $2,000 dollars per machine.

Our robotically constructed machines, made up of 12 nodes each, are built to run fast and never quit; keeping them always online and mining for you 24 hours a day.

This has proven to be a great success for Syntropy Cloud Mining, creating a unique cryptocurrency mining network at the cutting edge of efficiency and performance.