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Big Tech Independence

The core of who we are and how we build things are on our proprietary encrypted cryptocurrency hosting platform is building it free from Big Tech. It is important to know that we have built everything from the ground up with crypto in mind, everything from our machines to our network to our security. We are the only micro-data center on the planet that we know of that has done this.

Our data center is in Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba Canada run by clean, green and efficient hydro-power. We are on the Fiber optic internet backbone that runs from Quebec to Vancouver Canada and from Winnipeg down through Houston that runs through the Caribbean, Latin & South America. So our network is super fast and extremely stable.

We are also 100% free from Big Tech, this means that we control our security from the ground up and we are not piggy-backing or dependent on “Big Tech” that can one day switch us off or sensor us.

We take this mission seriously and are happy that we are free from censorship, restrictions or guidelines and have complete control of the security and scalability of our network. We can build and maintain all aspects of our products from quickly and efficiently because we build everything piece by piece from the ground up. Everything from our electricity our fibre grid, our data center, the gateway, machines, network, engineering and software platform is 100% proprietary.